The Island of Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful island that flourishes on abundance and prosperity. The island’s great geographic location and Mediterranean climate make it a very desirable and exciting place to live. It's also known to be a peaceful place that hosts thousands of tourists year round.

When I think of Cyprus the first thing that comes to mind are its amazing beaches. I love how there are so many landscape variations as one explores the many beach locations on the island. On some parts of the island you may find gray sandy beaches, whereas on another part you’ll see nothing but round pebbles and rocky surfaces that thrive with ocean life. Another side of the island is covered with soft golden sand that makes you want to lay around all day and soak up the sun. In spring and summer, when the weather calls for it, the beaches fill with people of all ages, and the beach looks more like a party where everyone’s invited.

The beaches here are a place of calm and where many come to unwind. If you are looking for luxury you may choose to stay near the grounds of the many hotels that are built right by the water. On the other hand if you seek a quiet, private spot, you just have to simply hop in your car and drive a few miles away from the city…Remember you’re surrounded by water, so you can take your pick on where you want to stop.

Many visitors who come to Cyprus miss out because they don’t take the chance to explore it. Cyprus has many hidden treasures, and one of those treasures is the exploration of the various beach and mountain villages around the island. Here you’ll stumble on small fishing villages with graphic boats, quaint fish taverns, and lovely views. You’ll meet a lot of friendly faces along the way and get a different look at the old architecture and cobble streets that characterize many of our villages. This will give you a chance to get immersed into our culture, taste and drink a variety of local food and wine, and buy some great souvenirs along the way.

The island of Cyprus has a very ancient history. It is believed that the first traces of human life on the island go back as far as 10,000 B.C. This makes Cyprus a place of high interest for history lovers, or for anyone who enjoys adventure or exploration into the past. There are many different archeological sites and museums preserved by our government that are definitely worth visiting. Yet, to me the ones that stand out the most are: the ancient castle of Kolossi, the archeological site of Kourion, the Sancturary of Apollo Ylatis, Paleokastro (near Coral Bay), and The Tombs of the Kings.  Many Orthodox churches are also considered to be points of interest to locals and tourists alike, since they represent much of Cyprus’ history and cultural values. So make it a point to visit some local churches and monasteries, walk their grounds, and enjoy their unique architectural designs.

Cyprus has four major cities: Nicosia (the capital), Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos. All major cities have an abundance of restaurants, cafés, clubs, and shopping centers. Cypriots take pride for their high end fashion stores, exquisite restaurants, and luxurious hotels. They also enjoy going out, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing after a long day’s work.  Here on the island you’ll find that Cypriot’s love to take pleasure on simple things: conversation between friends, sipping a cup of coffee at an outdoor terrace, sharing a good meal, or spending time with family makes life so much more enjoyable.