Why Cyprus ?

Why invest in Cyprus: · Excellent Geographic Location: The Republic of Cyprus is a sovereign Island located in the Easter Mediterranean Sea. It is near the Middle Eastern area of Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey, and south-east of Greece. It is also strategically positioned in the middle of three major continents: south of Europe, north of Africa, and west of Asia. · Part of the EU: Cyprus became a member of the European Union since May 2008. This also opened the doors to many foreign investors who established their main offices in Cyprus. Moreover a common currency and being under the protection of the EU Law has significantly increased the number of private investors in Cyprus. · Low Corporate Taxes: Cyprus’ corporate tax rate is at 10%. Foreign companies are also exempt from paying taxes on Dividend Income and overseas profits from permanent establishments. · Healthy Economy: Cyprus has a strong/competitive economy that continues to thrive in spite of the many economic down falls around the world. It has a number of foreign and local banks that support companies/individuals daily, including providing them with competitive loan rates and financial services as needed. · Language: Cypriots speak Greek and English fluently, and many are educated in French, Italian, German, and Russian. Therefore there are no language barriers in communication. · Education: Cyprus has one of the highest percentage rates in education. We also pride ourselves in having a very strong corporate system, from great business consultants, to charter accountants, to reputable lawyers, financial advisors, and experienced CEOs. · Transportation: § Cyprus has two airports with easy access from all major cities. Larnaca airport, which has been expanded/renovated recently, is the main airport and has a very modern and relaxed atmosphere. Paphos airport has less airplane traffic and limited flights, which makes it a great choice for visitors that plan to stay in Paphos or make the short commute to Limassol. § The Limassol Port is reputable for its dynamic import/export system. It supports thousands of companies yearly and puts Cyprus in a great trading position with major companies around the world. It is also a major cruise ship hub that welcomes cruise goers year round. · A Modern/Upbeat country: Cyprus is continuously growing and changing; not only from a technological point of view, but also in infrastructure. There are no limitations on what you can do on the Island of Cyprus. · A simply fun place to be: Cyprus is known for its beautiful weather, lovely beaches, peaceful and safe communities, traditional and quaint villages, and it’s delicious and healthy food. It’s also known for the high education rate, excellent schools, and strong family ties that make Cyprus a very desirable place to be.